The Setta Coppa Story…

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The Setta Coppa Story…

Our Boudreaux blend is named SETTA COPPA after Sal’s Great Grand Father Donato’s nick name. When translated it means seven measures (a measure was an amount of grain like a bushel ).

In the 1860′s, Sal’s great-grandfather Donato went to the town grist mill to have his wheat ground into flour. He was told by the mill owner that it he was using the barter system and informed Donato that for every 6 measures he ground into flour he would take 1 for payment. Donato disagreed and stated that he would have to grind 7 measures not 6 before he got 1.

The mill owner said that 6 was the standard in town but Donato said 7. The mill owner repeated loudly “everybody is 6″, Donato repeated loudly “well I am 7″. The mill owner replied; “SO YOU ARE”. Hence forth, the family nickname was 7 measures or SETTA COPPA.

In 1976 as a 21 year old, Sal went back to Italy to the small town where he was born, to live with his grandfather Salvatore ( whom he is named after ). As he was walking down the street, a little old lady who must have been 100yrs old asked him, “who are you?”.  He replied, “Sal D’Angelo”. She asked again louder, “WHO?”.  This time, Sal replied; “Salvatore Giovanni D’Angelo” and again she asked, “WHO?”.  Sal said to her in Italian, “I am the son of the son of the son of  SETTA COPPA”.  She knew who he was right away because she knew his father, grandfather and great-grandfather and she leaned and kissed him on the cheek .

When he returned home he asked his father once again about this nick name and was told the story again. He said each family was given a nick name which was used to keep track of the male side of all the families.

The old woman was Sal’s great great aunt.