Some of the many awards we have won …

Since the first vintage in 1989, The D’Angelo Estate Winery has won over sixty awards and medals. Specializing in Ice Wine has lead to several awards, including the trophy for ‘Best Dessert Wine in Ontario’ for two consecutive years.

2011 All Canadian Wine Championships

Double Gold: 2008 Baco Noir (ON)

Silver: 2009 Viognier ( BC)

Gold: 2007 Pinot Noir ( BC )

2010 All Canadian Wine Championships

Double Gold: Dolce Vita (ON)

Bronze: 2007 Tepranillo ( BC)

2009 Canadian Wine Awards

Silver: 2006 Sette Coppa ( BC)

Bronze: 2006 Merlot Cabernet  ( BC)

Bronze: 2006 Tempranillo  ( BC)

2008 All Canadian Wine Championships

Double Gold : 2005 Old Vines Foch Reserve ( Ontario )

Gold : 2002 Pinot Noir ( Ontario)

Gold : 2005 Pinot Noir ( BC )

Bronze : 2005 Baco ( Ontario)

Bronze : 2005 Cabernet Franc ( Ontario)

Bronze : 2005 Sette Coppa ( BC)

2008 Canadian Wine Awards

Silver : 2005 Sette Coppa ( BC)

D’Angelo Estate Winery holds the distinction of being the only winery to win back-to-back gold medals for Ice Wine at the CuveeAwards.

The 1996 D’Angelo vintage of ice wine won a double-gold medal for ‘Best Dessert Wine‘ at the Great Lakes Wine Competition and the D’Angelo 1996 Foch was ranked in the top 100 wines in the world. One of Sal’s most cherished awards was the ‘Best of the Best‘ award for his 1993 Pinot Noir.

Award Sal D'angelo Award Sal D'angelo

In 1999, Sal D’Angelo was the first recipient outside of the Niagara region ever to win the covetedGrape King Award. The prestigious award, begun in 1956, is presented each year to officially proclaim the highest quality vineyard in the province of Ontario for that year. It was established to recognize the tremendous efforts put forth by the winning vineyard to achieve production of the most superior quality vineyard in Ontario for that season. The award’s recipient is designated by research and viticultural specialists from the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs in the province as having ‘The Best of The Best’ vineyard for the year.